Love Note To My Lefes – December 2016

by | Jan 9, 2017 | This Lefe Family

My monthly love note to the three I’m privileged to call family (a few days delayed)…

Love Note To My Lefes – December 2016

Bill, Alissa & Zach,

Here we are, days into 2017, and even though both December and 2016 have slipped by, I wanted to pause and celebrate all we’ve experienced and to share how very thankful I am for you.

I don’t believe December could have been any more blessed. You made every day during the month special, Christmas wonderful, my birthday memorable, and our trip to Indy amazing. Thank you. I cherished every moment we were able to spend together. Can I just remind you how much I appreciate and love having you both, Alissa and Zach, at home? I know these days are numbered with us all under the same roof, so I’m soaking in each one.

And looking back over 2016, I am again reminded of all the many ways God has blessed me and blessed us as a family. Because of you, my days are filled with love and happiness. You find ways to make every day kind of moments special and fun, and life with you is adventurous, never boring, and always something to look forward to. Truly, I have much to be thankful for with you in my life.

As a family we also have much to thank Him for… our health and safety throughout the year, the many opportunities He gave us together and the memories we made, the numerous activities we attended together and the adventures we experienced, the laughs and smiles and joys we shared. Goodness, God is so good us us, isn’t He??!!

Bill, thank you for the many big and small ways you make my life happier and easier. You help me talk through my days and you continue to point me to all that’s good. You love me for who I am, and you put up with my quirky ways. Thank you. We experienced lots together on our tandem in 2016, and I can’t wait to create many more memories and conquer new states on our bike together in 2017. I believe it’s going to be great! I love you so very much, Billy!

Alissa, it’s a joy waking up each morning with you here at home. Your attitude affects our entire family, and wherever you go, you light up a room… including here at home. I love watching you live your life and succeeding at what you love to do. Keep investing your gifts and talents throughout your days. You’ll see them multiplying over and over. I pray God continues to guide you, equip you, and bless you as you follow His ways and His plans for your life. Keep putting Him first and reading His Words. He’ll never steer your wrong. May 2017 be your year of rediscovery! I love you and am so very proud of you, Honey!

Zach, you continue to use what God has given you in amazing ways. With each click of your camera and each photo you edit, you are investing in your future. I am proud of you, Buddy. Keep up the great work! You finished last semester strong, and you have an exciting semester ahead of you. Continue to put God first in all you do. Seek Him, read His Word, and allow Him to guide your decisions. He’ll take you to greater things than you could ever imagine! I pray this year will be the year you experience His presence in mighty ways. May He bless you beyond your wildest dreams! I love you, Mister!

I look forward to sharing many more moments together in 2017. May we treat each day as the gift it is. May we love God and love others. And may we make a difference in this world we live in.

Thank you for loving me as your momma, Alissa and Zach, and as your wife, Bill. I love this life with you!

All my love,

Mom and Julie

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