A White Christmas After All!

by | Dec 20, 2012 | Christmas, winter

I guess we’ll have a white Christmas after all! Tonight we’re experiencing the first snowfall of the season.

As we “hunker down” here at home, I’m trying desperately to keep my eyes open here on the couch. I’m not doing so well at that. My bed is calling me. 🙂

I can hear the wind picking up outside. I’m thankful to be inside.

I know many who don’t have that luxury tonight. I pray they have found someone to stay with, as it’s forecasted for us to receive 8-12 inches of snow along with blizzard conditions.

We’ve had a beautiful fall, and a white Christmas was missed last year. We’ll make the best of it as we may just have a pajama day tomorrow! 🙂

May you be safe and tucked in where it’s warm and cozy. Maybe by a crackling fire, roasting chestnuts. Ok, I’ve gone too far. Time for bed!

Good night!

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