Making Positive Changes

by | Aug 14, 2013 | health, me

I am moving pretty slow this morning…partly because I can’t seem to shake this tired feeling, and partly because my muscles are sore. I don’t mind the second reason.

My devotions this morning spoke of God being with us, every moment of every day. That confirms to me what I wrote on my blog last night. I needed that, and am grateful this morning.

So even in my tiredness, I know God is with me and it’s going to be okay.

My muscles are sore due to the fact that today is Day 9 of my 90 days of transforming my health. I’ve been sharing a little about it under my Health Accountability page of my blog. I’ll continue to update it often through my 90 days.

I am excited for making some positive changes in my health…exercising six days a week with a combination of weight training and cardio training, and eating healthy. I vow I won’t become a crazy person like I did years ago in doing this…I became so obsessed with my health that I got my body fat percentage down to an extremely low level. This time, I’m in a different place in my life with a different mindset…living more of a balanced life. I can already see changes, and I like that!

Bill and Tina are my accountability partners. I need people in my life who will help me, push me and encourage me to keep on keeping on.

I haven’t got my workout in yet this morning, but I will later today. I’ll be doing my least favorite workout, and I always dread it…upper body. But what helps me is to remind myself how I’ll feel AFTER the workout is done…strong and accomplished!

I’m also working from home today, and I look forward to getting caught up and a whole lot finished.

May your day be a blessing, no matter how you may be feeling this morning. Maybe you’re sending your kids off to school for the first time this year. (That will be me a week from today.) Or maybe you’re tired like I’m feeling. Or maybe you’re off to a great start. Have a great day, my friend. And from my devotionals today…God is with you! 🙂

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