The death of a loved one can be a difficult experience.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about.

My mother passed away in December 2006. Losing her was incredibly hard, and still is some days.Mom birthday She was not only my mother, she was my best friend.

Today would have been her 82nd birthday.

I’d give about anything to celebrate with her one more time. I would treat her to lunch, dessert, and shopping today, if I could. We’d all celebrate together tonight–her children and grandchildren. She always loved having her family together in one spot. Especially on her birthday.

I wrote in a post in 2011,

“I thought about her last birthday on this earth in 2006, and how we took her to her home that evening, away from the assisted living facility she was staying in at the time. That was the biggest gift we could have given her. I remember her eating pie for dessert at her kitchen table, with a smile on her face. It brings tears to my eyes as I write about it now.”


“She was never too busy for me.  She would encourage me, support me, help me to see things from different perspectives, and unconditionally love me.”

That post will share more details of my relationship with her if you’d like to read more. She was one incredible lady, and we had one amazing mother-daughter relationship.

Mom from WendyTwice last week in my hometown I was told, “You look like your mother.” Yes I do, and I accept that compliment. 🙂 I’d love to hear that from someone today… that would be the greatest gift!

Friend, if I can share one piece of encouragement today, it would be to love those special people in your life. Really love them. Show them. Tell them. Live your love. Call your mom today, or better yet, go visit her. I wish I could. There may come a day when you wish you could too. Don’t delay.

Love those special peopleBut I am thankful. I’m thankful that God brought into this world an amazing woman 82 years ago today, who left quite a legacy, living a simple yet profound life. I am thankful I am her daughter, and I pray I can be half the woman she was. I am thankful I’ll get to see her again, one day soon.

If there’s cake in heaven, I imagine she’s having the most delicious piece today. Along with a cup of coffee.

Thank you for sharing in this most special day.


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