Thankful & Praying in the Snowstorm

by | Feb 1, 2011 | God, winter

Call me strange, but I love watching snow fly, and I love it when it flurries outside.  I just don’t like what happens when it lands on the ground, and when it becomes treacherous.
We are expected to get 8-12 inches of snow this afternoon through tonight.  School let out early today, and I’m so very glad it did.  I left Mission of Hope early to pick up Ali and Zach from school, and once I was out on these rural roads, I was thankful we have a four wheel drive vehicle.  I was even more thankful when we arrived home, and knew I wouldn’t have to leave again tonight. 
It’s snowing and blowing.  We already have a three foot high drift on our back patio.  I guess this is why the weather experts have issued a blizzard warning!
So many times I catch myself thinking about the petty things in life…thing that really don’t matter so much.  I was just thinking about what I’m going to make for dinner tonight.  My friend, Tina has a lot more on her mind right now…serious, concerning thoughts about the health of her husband, Mike.  Mike is in ICU tonight at our local hospital, as his body has a widespread infection.  God keeps bringing Mike to my mind, and I keep praying.  I’ve shared with Bill, Ali and Zach how seriously ill Mike is, and we are all praying for him.  I wish I could go sit with Tina in the hospital, but I doubt I would be able to make it there with the snow coming down like it is.  What a helpless feeling!  I know God has Mike, and Tina too, in the palm of His hand.  (My dinner plans really don’t matter right now, do they?)
I pray God protects those who have to be on the roads tonight.  I pray that the Great Physician completely heals Mike’s body quickly.  I pray that God protects my friends and family, and also my Mission of Hope friends who are homeless and have no place to spend the night.
We have so much to be thankful for…when we stop the hectic lives we lead and pause for a moment to be grateful.  It’s natural for us to get caught up in our own little worlds, but what about the worlds of others?  May God bring to our minds someone who needs us tonight…someone who we can encourage, lift up, pray for, visit, call, or give a smile to.  And may we be grateful to God for the things He’s provided to each of us!

I’ll keep you posted on the snowstorm and on Mike.  Please pray for him, even if you don’t know him.  🙂

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