Welcoming Me Home

by | Feb 1, 2011 | Bill, love

Bill has found a way to brighten my day.  Many days our schedules are opposite of each other, which allows us to have our evenings together at home. 
Each day last week as I arrived home from a full day of work at Mission of Hope, I would find Bill meeting me at our front door and welcoming me home.  Something so little, I found, has meant so much to me!
The stresses of each day seemed to melt away with seeing his smile, and hearing his words, “Hi! How was your day?”  Or “I love you.” 
Many of those days, dinner would already be going in the kitchen…thanks to Bill. 
So, guess what I’ve done to return the favor?  When I’m home, I now meet him at the front door!
Seventeen and a half years of marriage…and it keeps getting better! 🙂


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