Snow Day

by | Feb 2, 2011 | family, thankfulness, winter

I have been inside our home all day, and I’m very thankful for that. 

The rural roads (we live on one of them), I understand, are awful, because of the blowing and drifting of the 8-12 inches of snow we received yesterday into last night.  After the wind died down this afternoon, and the snow quit blowing, Bill ventured out to try to dig us out with our little snow blower.  (Thank God we purchased that from my brother, Steve a couple years ago.)  We have no other snow removal equipment besides shovels.  And Zach went out to man one of those for a little while. 

Wow…big snow drifts are everywhere.  I knew there was no way I could venture into Mission of Hope today.

A few minutes ago, Bill was on one of the news sites he visits and found this picture and article about 900 cars being stranded on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago for over twelve hours last night into today!  I was stunned looking at the picture and reading the article.  Part of the article caught my attention though, which I’ve copied below.  The article was: By Stefano Esposito, Mitch Dudek, Monifa J. Thomas and Chris Fusco Staff Reporters Feb 2, 2011 04:07PM Drudge Report

“Patrick Waldron, of Andersonville, was just north of the North Avenue exit when Lake Shore Drive was closed around 7 p.m.

He remained stuck there until 4:30 a.m. when police officers cleared the North Avenue ramp with a large piece of snow-moving equipment, allowing him and other motorists to back up and get off the Drive.

Waldron passed the time by texting and calling friends, listening to talk radio and observing the surreal scene around him.

‘It was a fascinating experience,’ he said. ‘You saw everything from firefighters on snowmobiles and a cross country skier in the southbound lanes. One woman knocked on my door. She had granola bars and bottled water, and she was just trying to give them away to people stuck in their cars.’

Two men who said they lived near the Drive also helped motorists push their cars backwards, so they could use the North Avenue exit, Waldron said.

‘It was incredible to see the kindness of people,’ he said. ‘The people that came out in the middle of the night could have been inside asleep or watching the news.'”

Can you imagine?  I can’t.  I probably wouldn’t  have considered it a “fascinating” experience…I imagine I would have been scared and shaken being stranded for that long.  A good lesson to keep the gas tank full, and an emergency winter survival kit in the car in the wintertime.  What a nightmare that must have been for some…I can only picture in my mind some of the unfortunate situations going on in some the cars. (Namely, what about a bathroom?)

As I think about those who offered help, would you and would I have gone out to help those who were stranded?  I’m hoping that I would have…and not let the comforts of my high-rise entice me to stay in doors. 

Another day of being thankful in our home today…Bill stayed home from work, school was cancelled today, and I stayed home to be safe.  We are healthy, and loved.  Very thankful, indeed.

(Update on Mike, Tina’s husband…He’s still in ICU and turned a corner regarding his vitals early this morning.  Doing more tests and he’s been able to eat a little and get some rest. Please continue to pray.)

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