Special Weekend Away

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Bill, fall, just for fun, love

Last weekend Bill and I traveled to Chicago to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Our anniversary was in August, in the middle of all the activities our family was busy with. We had planned this weekend for quite awhile. Actually though…Bill planned it all. I had little to do with it…he planned the hotel, the special activities, the wonderful restaurants…really everything. All I had to do was enjoy…and together we did just that!

We had such a fun time together…lots of laughs, smiles, memories shared, new memories made. I feel like we connected in ways we really had never before. Every part of it was wonderful!

I’m so thankful we took time for us as a couple! Our lives are so full and so busy taking care of everything else, it was nice to retreat away and spend time on us. We hope to do it much more often!

Here are a few shots of our fun weekend…

 A tour ship off of Navy Pier
 I couldn’t help but get a picture taken with Woody made out of Lego’s! Woody was one of Zach’s childhood heroes!

 A view from top of the Ferris wheel on Navy Pier! Beautiful!
Riding in the Ferris wheel

Near our hotel
The colors of the trees were beautiful!
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