Harvest, 5K, Soccer, Cross Country, Choir & Our Wedding!

by | Oct 13, 2012 | This Lefe Family

Today as I look back at our week, I am amazed at all our family had going on! It has been non-stop for us…all good stuff though, which I am very thankful for!

Harvest has taken place behind our home. How I love the sound of our family’s combines and tractors this time of year! It now looks strange behind our home with the corn gone!

Sunday morning Bill ran the Especially For You Breast Cancer 5K downtown. Ali, Zach and I surprised him by going in to support him. Boy, it was cold! Good thing we dressed for it! 🙂 It was a joy to watch Bill finish victoriously! This was something he couldn’t have done a year ago. We are so proud of him and his accomplishments with his health! (It bums me that the picture of him running turned out blurry!)

Also on Sunday Zach had two soccer games. They tied the first game and won the second. He played great! I even caught him doing a “rainbow” during one of their warm-up times! It was a very fun day spent together! Have I said recently how much I love my family??? 🙂


Monday late afternoon/early evening Ali and I attended my nephew’s cross country meet. It was cold & windy out there! Patrick ran well! We all enjoyed dinner together afterwards. I love that family!

Tuesday evening Zach had a choir concert. What a handsome and talented guy we have! Great job, Buddy!

Wednesday evening I got married! (Look for a post coming soon!)

Thursday evening I had so many things to take care of…soccer manager duties, my business, my family.

Tonight, I arrived home late from work and we’ve had a relaxing evening at home. Ahhh….

Tomorrow will be a catch-up day here at home!

Then we’ll start all over again on Sunday! 🙂 I love my life!!!

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