95. A Real Life Conversation With Jennifer Dukes Lee

by | May 30, 2023 | Podcast

This is kind of a monumental day on the podcast, because this episode contains our first-ever interview! And you already know who it’s with because you saw it in the title. Yes, it’s with none other than the wonderful Jennifer Dukes Lee! Fellow Iowan, rural life girl, and real life woman. I’m completely excited about sharing our conversation with you, but I’m more excited about it for you, because you’re in for a treat. We discuss so many wonderful things in this episode such as real life, hope and encouragement, and her new book that released earlier this month. Which I’m giving a copy away! Click on the link at the end. Ready to be inspired and blessed today? Well, listen in and enjoy!

A Real Life Conversation With Jennifer Dukes Lee | image of Jennifer Dukes Lee and her book Stuff I'd Only Tell Gode

We each have stuff in our lives that we’d only tell God, right?

Like our secrets, our mistakes no one else knows about, our hopes, and our dreams. Like who we really are, because after all, no one knows us better than the One who created us. Yes, we each have stuff we’d only tell God.

I’ve been a fan of Jennifer’s for many years, and we’ve met in person a few times. In her latest book, Stuff I’d Only Tell God, Jennifer gives us opportunities to share our stuff in black and white, on the pages of this book. Let me tell you, I’ve had it for just a few weeks, and the prompts inside the book are wonderfully thought provoking and are taking me to places I haven’t thought of for a long time or ever before!

In our conversation we talk about some of these prompts and we hear Jennifer’s take on them as well.

I think you’ll enjoy hearing how Jennifer answers some of the prompts!

Click on the player above to listen to the 38-minute episode.

May God encourage your heart in the days to come as you recall Jennifer’s words of hope and inspiration in our conversation. Go out and be a light for Him today. God bless you!

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  1. Kelly Blackwell

    How fun! Super excited for how God is using you!

    • Julie Lefebure

      This was fun! Thanks, Kelly! Jennifer was an amazing guest.


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