Ready For Spring!

by | Mar 2, 2013 | Encouragement

Just a question tonight…

What happened to January and February???

Two months of 2013 have slipped by us…to me at blazing speed. I am so ready for spring, but I really cannot believe it’s March 1.

I look forward to hearing the birds chirping, the flowers peeking through the ground, the grass becoming green and the buds appearing on the trees. I cannot wait for spring!

I look forward to putting away the sweaters, the fleece, the warm fuzzy socks, and bringing out the spring colors of some of my favorite clothing! Capris, sandals, shorts, t-shirts and tanks.

I am really looking forward to spring!

But until it arrives, I’ll enjoy whatever weather we get to experience here, knowing that spring will be here soon! ūüôā

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