Missing Jill

by | Feb 28, 2013 | Personal memories

It will be four years ago tomorrow that I lost my good friend, Jill, to a brain aneurysm. I miss her so much.

Jill was not only special to me, but she was also very special to Ali. Ali and she had a pretty neat relationship, and I know Ali misses her terribly too.

Jill was an amazing woman, and I consider it an honor to have journeyed through life with her, even if it was for just a few years. She made a lasting impression on me, as she did with everyone who was a part of her life.

Below are two posts I wrote back in 2009. The first one is about the day God allowed me to be at her side shortly after her aneurysm. The second is three days later on the day she passed away. I just read them again and am brought to tears.

Jill is with our Lord, and I imagine she is rejoicing and celebrating in His presence tonight. What a celebration that must be! I also imagine she’ll be one welcoming me when I get to my heavenly home! I look forward to that day, and I look forward to seeing her again.

In the meantime, as my heart is saddened, I am praying for Jill’s family and her friends who are missing her terribly too. May God comfort us all, and may the beautiful memories we have with Jill flood our minds and hearts tonight, tomorrow and in the coming days. And may we live our lives to the fullest, as Jill so beautifully did!

I love you and miss you, dear friend!

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