Our Defender

by | Nov 4, 2013 | Encouragement, personal journey

Have you ever been unjustly or falsely accused of something?

It’s a painful thing to go through. And I guess what hurt my heart the most in these circumstances was having my character and integrity questioned.

I’m in no way perfect. But I try to live in a way that honors God. And I still mess that up too at times.

But when I’m falsely accused of something I didn’t do, I want to stand up and fight for myself.

I believe we need to do that to a point, yet I’ve also seen when that action isn’t the best to do.

When this happened to me personally last time, I did what I could do to set things straight, but I learned to let God handle the rest.

And watching God defend me, I learned I didn’t have to defend myself.

As Psalm 7:10 reads, “God is my defender; He rescues those who have a pure heart.”

God is my defender; He rescues those who have a pure heart. Psalm 7:10God knows all. He knows your heart and He knows mine. He will work things out according to His plan and for our best.

If you’re going through some false accusations, see God. Ask Him to be your Defender. I’m doing that this week as I walk through one of those times again myself.

God bless you, friend!


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