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by | Jul 24, 2009 | friends, God, just for fun, thankfulness

I was driving alone in the car one day earlier this week, and for some reason I began to think of the wonderful women whom I call friends that God has blessed me with!

I began to think of my friends that I’ve had since moving to where I consider my hometown back in 5th grade (and where we live now). These women are just aren’t acquaintances…they are STILL great friends…after ALL these years. It’s been fun to get back in touch with some I have lost track of on Facebook recently! 🙂

I thought of my closest friends that know SO MUCH about me, and still love me anyway!

I thought about my Mary Kay friends who stood by me and held me up when I could no longer stand on my own during both Dad’s and Mom’s illnesses and deaths. I know there is NO WAY I could have made it through Mom’s visitation and funeral 2-1/2 years ago without each of them there…just being there for me. Their presence alone comforted me!

I thought of Tina whom I went to college with, lived with before marrying Bill, and how God has kept our lives intertwined for so many years! There’s NOTHING she doesn’t know about me! By the way, thanks again Tina for the great meal Wednesday night and for the fun and laughs!

I thought of the women I used to work with before Ali was born over 15 years ago. I was “just a kid” working there…they were my mentors, my friends and they had played a big part in helping me become who I am today. I’m thankful we’ve stayed in touch and in each other’s lives all these years!

I thought of the women who I’ve met through BSF and church, whom I know I could call each one of them for anything and they would be there for me at the drop of a hat. True friends do that kind of stuff, don’t they?

I thought of the consultants in Mary Kay whom I get to work with…I consider them my friends and am so thankful they are in my life!

I thought of my clients in Mary Kay…some have been with me since the very beginning, 15 years ago and some are brand new! It’s fun to “do life” with these women and build a relationship with them…they are wonderful friends!

I thought of my sisters-in-law who are also my friends! I can’t imagine my life without them!

I thought of my friends who I’ve met through Bill, Ali and Zach. Some are Ali and Zach’s friends’ moms. Jill was one of those friends…she was Zach’s friend, Alex’s mom. Gosh I miss her! Some of Zach’s and Ali’s friends’ moms are the most fun friends around!

As I thought of all these dear friends, I suddenly became overwhelmed with the grace and blessings God has given me with these women in my life. I am so very thankful for each of them! They each add something special to my life that wouldn’t be there without them! Thank you, God for the many friends you have given to me throughout all my life! I ask you to bless each of them today!

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