151. A Prescription of Hope With Dr. Jessica Peck

by | Jun 25, 2024 | Podcast

Could you use some hope today? The last week of every month I host a guest episode on the podcast. Since the release of my book, Right Now Matters, last fall, I’m featuring women who live in the moment and who are embracing the abundant lives Jesus came to give them by doing so. I refer to these women as Right-Now Women. They come from all walks of life and experiences, and I share our conversations to hopefully encourage your heart and add a lift to your step. Today’s guest episode features my newer online friend, Dr. Jessica Peck. She’s one whom I consider a “kindred spirit,” and I’m grateful God has crossed our paths.

A Prescription of Hope With Dr. Jessica Peck

Allow me share a little more about Dr. Jessica Peck.

God is using her mightily! She’s a pediatric nurse practitioner who is an internationally awarded nursing leader. She is a passionate advocate for undeserved children and anti-trafficking. She speaks to nurses all over the world while also reaching out directly to parents, so they feel engaged, equipped, encouraged, and empowered to raise resilient, holistically healthy kids. Jessica is married to a rocket scientist for nearly twenty-five years and is a mom of four children. I believe you’ll be blessed and encouraged by Jessica’s words of hope and truth today.

We discuss everything from living in the right-now moment, to what really matters in this life, to God’s calling on our lives, to even the impact our presence has on those around us.

Click on the player above to listen to the 41-minute episode. (My guest episodes are longer than the solo ones.)

Jessica’s truth-filled words moved me to tears in this episode.

I don’t think that’s every happened before! God is certainly using Jessica Peck to prescribe hope to anyone she spends time with. What impacted you the most in our conversation, and how will you begin to apply it to your real life today? You can find Jessica, her radio show, and her wonderful free 30-Day Resource Guide to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Teen in the show notes. Follow Jessica on social media and be sure to tune in to her radio show daily.

Jessica closed out our episode beautifully with these words, “All those things you are doing right now, they matter.” Friend, they do matter. Keep your eyes lifted to Jesus. Stay encouraged as you make a difference in this world. For God’s glory, for the good of others, and for your growth. I’m grateful for you today. God bless you!

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Encouragement for Real Life Podcast, Episode 151, A Prescription of Hope With Dr. Jessica Peck
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