Looking At The Last Six Months

by | Aug 2, 2014 | personal journey

Take a moment today to look back over the last six months of your life.Lessons on vacation 14

Where were you?

What were you busy doing?

What is different in your life since then?

What have you accomplished since then?

How have you or how has your journey changed?

I did this exercise in the quiet hours of this morning, and I was pleasantly amazed.

I can see how God has grown me. How He as taken me deeper into my relationship with Him. How He has protected me and my family. How He’s provided for us. How He’s blessed us. How He has changed my focus. How He has refreshed me, and guided me to new things.

sunset 06I recalled even more…

God has blessed me with a close-to-home job. He’s healed my children of some pretty traumatic experiences. He’s deepened my love for my husband. He gave me an excitement to ride RAGBRAI with Bill, and equipped me physically, emotionally and mentally to do it.DSCN7193He has given me a passion to write. To share my life. To encourage others through verbal and written words. God has taken my little blog, has made it into something I never dreamed or expected, and has grown it from one blog into two.

He has molded me into a more patient, more loving, more accepting, more attentive wife, mother, woman.Lessons on vacation 07

What’s one thing you can celebrate about yourself or your journey that God has done in last six months? Would you share it below?

Mine? I’m celebrating I’m not who I used to be six months ago.

Norway 150th 15I will never “arrive,” as I’m a work (or a mess) in progress! God must have His hands full with me. 🙂 I look forward to seeing what He will do in my life in the next six months!

Celebrating with you today!


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  1. Kathryn Shirey

    What a great exercise – just did a reflection of my past 6 months and was good to highlight the work God’s doing in my life – and where there is still much work-in-progress. Can’t wait to see where I am in another 6 months!

    • Julie

      Agreed, Kathryn! God is good, isn’t He! Thank you for sharing your perspective after doing this exercise. Six months seems to go by fast, don’t they? Lifting you in prayer today, friend!

  2. Kristine

    Wow, this is a tough one for me, Julie! God has walked with me through some painful experiences in the last six months, but I am just now beginning to see His plans in it all. One thing is certain, the most difficult times bring us into a deeper walk with Him, and I am thankful for that!!

    • Julie

      I’m thankful for that too, Kristine. God has walked me through some painful experiences also in the last few months, and yes, my relationship with Him is deeper, too. Praying for you on your journey this afternoon, friend! May He encourage your heart! Hugs to you!

  3. Betsy

    This is a great exercise, Julie. Thanks for sharing. I’m celebrating that God did a work of healing in my heart, totally changing my outlook on several key relationships in my life. I feel so much freer!

    • Julie

      Praise God for that, Betsy! God is so good to us! I’m thankful He has freed you up with healing your heart, and I’m glad you shared it here, giving Him the glory. I am lifting you in prayer this afternoon. Praying God rests you and refreshes you after your journey back home. Sending long-distance hugs your way!

  4. Kim

    I am in such a different and better place than I was 6 mo. ago. Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. A difficult, challenging journey that I now see as God guided, in order for me to try and live fully into what he plans for me. But, yes! I too have said I am a mess in progress! So, I celebrate the new me.

    And I loved my bike ride last week. We did 9 hilly Ga. miles. Told my husband we need to do it more often, but to let me know plans before I run 3.3 miles that morning! Tight hamstrings all week!

    • Julie

      Hi Kim! Thank you for sharing what has changed for you in six months! Wow, God has big plans for you as you are in a better and blessed place today. What a gift! I celebrate the new you too! Thank you for updating me on your bike ride… after a 3.3 mile run?? You are amazing, girl! Great job! I understand about tight hamstrings! Keep up the great work. Wish we could ride together. 🙂 Praying for you and your journey this afternoon! God bless you, and may He continue to guide you into every big and little thing He desires for you! Hugs!

  5. Beth (@SimplyBeth3)

    I love the photos! And what a wonderful exercise. It’s something I actually have reflected on a lot this year . . . the growth. Because I entered this year trusting that God was going to use this time apart from my husband to grow us in new ways. Individually and as a couple. And indeed He has. But yes, we are always a work in progress. I’m so thankful that He is never through with us. Great post, Julie. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. xoxo

    • Julie

      Hi Beth! Thank you! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend too. I love how you share what God is doing in your life and how He’s growing your marriage as you and your husband are apart. You do that so beautifully. I’m praising Him this afternoon for all He has done and all He is doing in your life and in your marriage. Lifting you in prayer, especially today as well. Hugs to you!


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