My schedule was full. I didn’t have time for a coffee date. Really, I had too much on my to-do list already. In all honesty, I thought about calling to cancel.

I knew she would understand. I mean, really, who isn’t busy these days? But, in staying true to my attempts of being a woman of my word, I chose not to make that phone call.

I met my cousin for coffee, instead.

It’s something we had never done. We ran into each other near the vitamin aisle at Walgreen’s a couple months ago. As we parted I voiced the familiar words, “We should catch up over coffee sometime.”

I’m glad she took me seriously. When my phone rang last week with an unknown number showing on my screen, I hesitantly answered it, fully ready for it to be a spam call. But, on the other end was her pleasant voice, calling to set up a time for coffee. We set our date for today.

When coffee dates become wake up calls

From the moment we sat down I knew I had made the right decision. Our conversation never lagged. We laughed. We reminisced. For an hour we shared life together over our black coffees. We not only caught up on life, but on family and fun times. We encouraged one another in the Lord and in our faith. Goodness, our time together was a breath of fresh air for me.

And, to think I entertained the thought of canceling. Ugh. I’m so glad I didn’t!

Coffee dates like today wake me up.

Not just because I’m drinking coffee, but because of what I experience during them. Coffee dates are a gift of time and conversation and life with another. They cause me to pump the brakes and question why I do what I do and what I don’t do. They remind me what’s truly important.

Why, oh why, do I not set more coffee dates like this? Why do I allow my sometimes over-the-top schedule to take the driver’s seat of my life? I’m one who says people are more important than production, but are my actions matching my words?

Yes, there will always be a schedule to keep. A to-do list to work from. A meeting to attend. But, there might not always be my people. I may not always have the opportunity to enjoy coffee dates and times with loved ones like I did today. You know? None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

I desire to put my priorities on my people.

Friend, life is too short. May we take advantage of the opportunities we’re given to spend time with those we love. Whether it’s going fishing together, baking cookies together, or enjoying coffee dates together. It’s about being together. Doing life with one another. Sharing moments we’ll never get again. Spending time with those we love is something we’ll never regret.

Work will wait. Dishes will wait. Our to-to lists will wait. But, our people may not.

And, wouldn’t you know. I was still able to get everything crossed off on my to-do list today.

Let’s spend our time wisely. Hey, who wants to meet me for coffee?

Much love,


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