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by | Aug 3, 2014 | Love God, Love Others

My husband backed out of our driveway for a work-related trip.

Fifteen minutes later my son did the same to go play baseball in a neighboring town.

I then read the news on Facebook. In a handful of counties away, four fourteen-year-old boys were killed in a Gator (similar to a golf cart)/vehicle accident late yesterday afternoon.

This mother’s heart began to ache. Oh, the pain their parents and families must be bearing this day. How their small towns must be grieving. How the pain the driver of the truck that hit them must be almost too much to bear.

My thoughts turned to my husband, and to my son who just minutes earlier drove away. And to my daughter, not knowing her whereabouts at the moment.

“God, please protect them. Please keep each one safe.”

The thought of losing any of these precious three about makes me sick to my stomach. I love them so much, I’d trade my life for theirs any day.

Even though I don’t know personally those involved, when a jolt of reality through a tragedy like this makes you feel pangs of heartache, life gets put in perspective.

The piddly things I’ve been fussing about. The pesky distractions in my life. The minor things I’ve been majoring in. The bumps in this journey. None of them are important.

Oh, and if I needed another reminder…

Life isn’t about me.

My life is to be about the One Who blesses me with it.

My life is to be about the One Who blesses me with it.Am I living the life God has blessed me with for Him?
Am I living each day with joy, gratitude, and an appreciation for life?
Do I make each moment count?
Am I making a difference in the lives of others?
Am I building relationships?
Or am I more concerned about building my bank account?
Am I making God’s name known?
Or am I too focused on making my own name known?

I may very well be the only one who gets caught in this trap of living self-focused. But if I’m not, and if you’re re-awakened today to the fact how we live our lives in the time we have on this earth matters, may you and I make any alterations necessary to keep our thoughts, our attitudes, our hearts, and our lives on the “make a difference” course.

May we invest in others’ lives. May we be about making an eternal impact, not just a feel-good-in-the-moment impact. May we tell those we love that we do so daily. May we squeeze out every ounce of life we’re given each day.

To make a difference. Not for ourselves, but for others. And for Jesus.

We’re given one opportunity to live this life. Let’s make it count.

Will you join me in lifting up those affected by this tragedy through prayer, petitions and support?

God bless you,

Linking up with Holly Barrett for Testimony Tuesday.

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  1. Abby

    So true, Julie. I’ve had quite a few of those jolts that wake me up to what’s really important in life. Those are some great questions for any of us to ask ourselves. Thanks for this reminder that our lives are to know Him and make Him known.

    • Julie

      Abby, this tragedy has rocked me today. Maybe it’s because something like this is unfathomable, or maybe because this could happen to any of us with children. I guess I needed to be reminded again of what’s important. I appreciate your thoughts tonight. I’ll be asking those questions to myself again tomorrow. Let’s hug our families tight tonight.

  2. patti seda

    Amen, Julie. I thought of this tragedy often today and each time it took my breath away. You perfectly articulated what I have been thinking and feeling. Thank you for putting it into words.

    Prayers to the boys, their families and all who were impacted.

    Patti Seda

    • Julie

      Patti, those boys could have been our sons. I can’t even fathom this great loss. We have much to be thankful for, don’t we?! May we hug them just a little tighter tonight. Appreciate your thoughts this evening! Hugs to you!

  3. Betsy

    So sorry to hear of this tragedy. I was jolted when dear friends of ours lost their son last spring. It’s good to keep life and our little worries in perspective.

    • Julie

      Amen, Betsy. Sorry to hear of the loss of your friends’ son. These tragedies are hard for us to bear. We can cling to the One who understands when we don’t. Hope you’re off to a great start in your week!

  4. Kim

    Trying to keep life in perspective here this morning. Husband flying north on business trip and son driving to school for 1st time, few minutes ago. Having experienced tragic young death of a close friend as a teen, this kind of worry is one I struggle with often.

    • Julie

      I struggle often with that very thing, Kim. You’re certainly not alone. I will be praying for your husband and son, even though time has passed since you shared here. I’m guilty of taking too much for granted. Blessings to you tonight, friend!

  5. Renee @Doorkeeper

    Gaining perspective is powerful. Thanks for reminding & challenging me. So glad I noticed your post in a blog link-up & stopped by. Blessings!

    • Julie

      Yes, Renee, it is powerful. I’d love to gain it minus the tragedy, however! Thank you for stopping by. Praying blessings upon your week!

  6. Helene

    Those sad and shocking things do sometimes put us back on the right track! I’ll be giving mine an extra kiss this morning! Thanks!

    • Julie

      I agree. I’ve looked at my children in a much different light this week because of this tragedy. I take way too much for granted. Thank you for coming by!

  7. Holly Barrett

    It certainly is a good reminder of what’s really important in this life. We (I) let so many other relatively minor things get to me instead of focusing on the most important. Thanks for the reminder of perspective and for linking up this week, Julie!

    • Julie

      Thank you, Holly for visiting and for hosting the link. You’re a blessing!


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