"Happy Haircut!"

by | Jan 17, 2009 | just for fun

Yesterday afternoon I had one of my most favorite appointments…it’s one I look forward to about every 5-6 weeks. Yes, I had my long-awaited appointment with Tracy, my hair stylist. I started going to Tracy years ago, and I am continually amazed with her ability to do what she does with my hair! She is certainly an expert in her field!

This appointment was one that I should have probably had a couple weeks ago…I needed a touch-up on my high lights and low lights, plus a trim. I can always tell when I’m overdue, because my strands of gray start appearing. Yes, that’s right…strands of gray hair! I will never forget the day Ali pointed them out to me for the very first time! We were sitting at Applebee’s (this was a few years ago) and she wasn’t shy in sharing with our family about the gray hairs I had peeking through my normal colored hair. I was stunned, shocked and appauled! Ever since then, Tracy has been my hero in “hiding” them! 🙂

I ran through the Starbuck’s drive thru, grabbed a mocha and arrived at Tracy’s a little early yesterday. I always enjoy these longer hair appointments because I can just sit, relax and I can let my mind shut down a little. A few times I’ve been so relaxed that I have fallen asleep in her chair while she’s cutting or coloring! I almost did that yesterday, but our conversation helped me stay alert.

Tracy and I talked about a variety of subjects…our children, texting, Christmas and New Year’s, the weather, our husband’s jobs, running our homes, our extended families, relationships with people, our healthy and not-so-healthy habits, and etc. My time with her lasted one hour and 45 minutes, and after she was done, my head felt lighter, both in weight of the hair and in weight of what was on my mind. 🙂 The color looked great, and the cut was perfect. I even loved how she styled it for me!

Getting my hair done does something for me. It makes me feel like a new person. It energizes me and gives me a lift in my step. Most of that has to do with Tracy though…she listens to me, makes me feel comfortable and important, and she know what she’s doing! She sure knows how to show love to others, as she does that for me each and every time.

In six more weeks I’ll be back, sitting in Tracy’s chair again…and enjoying it! As we say in our family when someone gets a haircut, “Happy Haircut!”
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