-21.4 Degrees!

by | Jan 15, 2009 | family, winter

Global warming?? I’ll question that today!! 🙂 When I woke at 5am this morning, our outside thermometer read -21.4 degrees. Did you catch that?? That’s 21.4 degrees BELOW ZERO! I believe this will be the coldest day my children have ever experienced in their lifetimes! Record lows for last night and tonight…I believe tonight is supposed to be -25 degrees! I am so thankful for our warm home this morning, and I am praying for God to protect those who do not have shelter today! Our local t.v. station’s website said that frostbite can occur in as little as 10 minutes! That’s pretty scary!

School is cancelled again today. Bill’s brother was the first to alert us of the news last night, and the shouts of joy from the kids rang out! I believe this is our 5th snow day so far this school year! Tomorrow and Monday are scheduled days off from school, so the kids will have a 6-day weekend! 🙂
We had a great Pajama Day yesterday…the day flew by so fast! Ali spent most of the day painting some beautiful paintings, watching t.v., texting her friends, chatting on-line and updating her Facebook. Zach played video games, watched t.v. with Ali, created with his Legos, did some homework to work ahead and texted his friends. I worked in my office for awhile, updated our Shutterfly site, did some laundry, hung out with the kids, and got my workout in. We had a family American Idol night last evening, complete with popcorn and drinks! It was a fun day!

Repeat Pajama Day today? Probably not…I need to finish a few more things for work, and need to run a few errands. Cabin fever sets in pretty easily and quickly for me. Some fresh air…even if it is -21 degrees air for a few minutes…would be refreshing for me today. 🙂 I might feel differently though, once I’m out in it! Stay warm today!
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