Happy Bill’s Garage Day!!

by | Oct 3, 2012 | family, memories

This is a special day for my brothers and I…40 years ago today our dad began his mechanic business called Bill’s Garage. Ever since that day, Dad termed October 2nd Bill’s Garage Day.

I wrote the below post last year on October 3. Instead of writing a whole new post, I thought I’d just share what I wrote last year.
Bill’s Garage was such a big part of my childhood. I was so proud of my dad and of the work he did. He worked harder than anyone else I’ve ever known. I guess my brothers and I learned our work ethic from him. And even though his work was hard and he put in many hours working on other’s vehicles and farm equipment, he would close down his garage early to make sure he was at all of my softball games, track meets, volleyball games and basketball games. He and Mom were always in the stands cheering me on. I learned that from them too and now attend all I can for our children.
I love Dad and I miss him greatly. I wonder if he has a special mechanic work in heaven? But maybe things don’t break in heaven??? I can’t wait to see him again!! šŸ™‚
So…Happy Bill’s Garage Day!
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