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by | Oct 4, 2012 | family, friends, God, God's blessings

Bible Study Fellowship was amazing today!

God revealed so many things to me today, and some I can’t put into words.

As I spoke with my friend Candace at BSF, who is also my massage therapist, she reminded me of the last massage I received from her. She prays as she massages, and God led her to pray for protection of me and my family. She really had a feeling God was preparing me for something and that God would be our Protector. Two days later, Ali was put into the hospital.

I hadn’t thought about that at all, until she brought it up today. God WAS (and is) our Protector! God protected Ali from a serious disease and a serious sickness. She was so sick though, and I find it interesting that no test could determine what was causing her sickness. God healed her body quickly…within 24 hours her body was already starting to heal itself. God answered prayers of the many who were praying for her healing! There’s no doubt of that!

At that appointment with Candace back in August, God was also preparing me. Preparing me to be strong for Ali. Those four nights in the hospital were lonely, as Bill and Zach were trying to keep Zach’s schedule going as he just started high school. God gave me a strength and peace, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. God equipped me with His Word, and my prayer life took on a whole new meaning. Ali and I bonded in a way that was pretty special in the hospital room.

I can’t believe how I didn’t connect all of this together! God speaks through Candace to me at my appointments. She ministers to me in such a special way. I’m so thankful for her tonight. I’m thankful that she follows after God, and that her service to Him affects my life greatly!

(I realize this post may not make sense to some, but it sure makes a whole lot of sense to me!)

God revealed to me truths about my role in my marriage (I’ll share that later this week in a Genesis post), truths about how far off the mark humanity is from the way God created us to be, and truths about how my life is an act of worship to God.

God also revealed something else to me tonight while I was on the treadmill. I’ll have to share that at another time. I’m way excited about it! Stay tuned! 🙂

It’s been a great day! I look forward to another one tomorrow! 🙂

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