Giving Thanks #22

by | Nov 23, 2009 | God, thankfulness

I am thanking God for many things tonight…

–being able to hear Pastor Barb share about Mission of Hope at another church this morning

–being a part of our worship team who led worship at Mission of Hope this morning

–hearing Pastor Mel’s message today on forgiveness

–having the privilege of helping with the Mission of Hope Thanksgiving meal after church today

–spending some wonderful time with my family today

–being able to cheer on my nephews Patrick and Bennett in their basketball game today

–for Pat, Stacie and the kids stopping by after the game and to be able to have dinner together tonight at our home

–hearing the excitement of the kids for our upcoming trip together

–Bill’s job, even though his schedule isn’t perfect

–for God being in control of all things, even when it seems like life is spinning out of control at times

–for God’s love and grace

–for Jesus and what He did for ME!
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