Giving Thanks #23

by | Nov 24, 2009 | God, thankfulness

First of all, I cannot believe that it’s the 23rd of November! Where has this month gone? Where has this YEAR gone? 🙂

I had a very full day today and am thanking God for many things tonight…

–my Pumpkin Spice creamer for my coffee
–my quiet time early this morning
–being able to accomplish a lot at home this morning
–a relaxing and tasty lunch
–for keeping me safe traveling 1-1/2 hours away today and back home tonight
–for being able to help another consultant with her business tonight
–family time when I arrived home tonight…lots of love, laughter and hugs
–being too excited about what God is doing in my life to sleep
–for something Bill did for us without me knowing today
–the feeling of being a little “caught up” on things
–my business
–Bill’s job
–vehicles that run well
–our good health

It’s wonderful to thank God for the many gifts and blessings He has brought into my life. If we all listed what we are thankful for each day, we’d all feel VERY blessed!
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