Encouragement & Mini Pies

by | Feb 27, 2013 | desserts/sweets, Encouragement, family, recipes, winter

Our home tonight?

Snow is falling…illuminated by the lights on the back of our home.

A “debate” on a proposed local casino is on our t.v. I’m a little irritated with one of the guy’s demeanor and attitude. (“Bill, can you change the channel, please?”) Ugh!

Zach is running on the treadmill.

Ali is in her room, recovering from her run on the treadmill.

Bill and I are relaxing here in the living room, and yes, I have my laptop on my lap.

The aroma from dinner lingers throughout our home…cheese tortellini in “pink” sauce, steamed broccoli and cheese garlic bread. Nothing fancy, but it pleased my family. 🙂

I’m fading quickly after settling in for the night.

I received some unexpected encouragement from a friend after arriving home from work. It was exactly what I needed to change my thoughts and lift my spirits. She had no idea what kind of challenging day it was for me, and her text was perfect timing.

I’ve been “talking” with another friend through texts and am thankful I’ll be spending some much-needed time with her in the next few days. That time with her can’t come soon enough.

What would I do without these friends? It’s no accident that God crossed our paths for such a time as this. I am so grateful for each one of my cherished girlfriends!

And I’m thinking I might have to repeat tonight the late evening dessert that I made last night…mini apple pies. Pretty simple…crescent rolls and apple pie filling in muffin cups. (Spray muffin cup with non-stick spray. Mold crescent roll triangle in each muffin cup and press against bottom and sides of cup. Fill with pie filling and bake according to crescent roll package directions.) Delicious!!

That’s all I got tonight. Again, “I don’t have a life of a movie star, but the life that God has blessed me with is something special to write about.” I’m thankful…overly thankful.

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