Embrace Uniqueness

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Encouragement

“Be the person God wants you to be–all the time.” -Joyce Meyer

potter clay scripture editedI follow Joyce Meyer on Twitter, and found the above quote from her on my Twitter feed after I arrived home from work today.

Two thoughts tonight…

I love that quote, and

I am truly enjoying Twitter!

Being the person God wants me to be is so freeing! I don’t have to be like anyone else, and actually, He doesn’t want me to be. He wants me to be me. And He wants you to be you!

I used to be so concerned with what others thought of me. In fact, in high school, I can remember Mom telling me often to “quit worrying so much about what others think of you.” I would try to do what others did, wear what others wore, etc. I also lived under the fear of making mistakes, and I would do anything and everything to avoid making any.

But when we embrace our uniqueness, and live out who God is wanting each one of us to be, all of that other stuff gets thrown out the window. Think for a moment how very unique you are…The things you enjoy. The clothes you like to wear. How you like to wear your hair. Which foods are your favorites. If you are you a morning person or a night person. Which season you like the best. What you do for a living. Etc., etc.

You are pretty unique!

And with that, we should also give others the freedom to embrace their own uniqueness and not try to conform them to our standards or to judge them negatively. (I’ve been guilty of that before.)

List the things that make you unique and celebrate them! Not so we can brag or boast about ourselves, but it helps us to appreciate who God has made each one of us to be. Some of my list is:

  • I enjoy a great cup of coffee in the morning.
  • I love using Mary Kay skin care and color.
  • Reading the Bible encourages and teaches me.
  • Blogging brings me joy.
  • I like wearing skinny jeans…yes, even after age 40!
  • I don’t mind doing laundry.
  • My favorite breakfast food when I’m foregoing eating healthy is Donutland’s cherry or blueberry or chocolate chip donuts.
  • I will always appreciate growing up in a small town and graduating from a small school.
  • I enjoy Facebook and Twitter.
  • I like to share with others what God is doing in my life and how I see Him working.
  • I love taking long walks.
  • I love our flower garden.
  • I enjoy traveling and “getting away.”
And I’m sure those closest to me and who know me the best could add to my list (and could add some of the quirky things I do too)!

I hope you’ll take time to appreciate who you are today. How boring it would be if we were all the same!

And about Twitter, I really am enjoying being a part of that social media world. It’s where I find out what’s going on throughout the world. It encourages me with the people I follow. I enjoy sharing a few thoughts here and there. And I can see what my kids are up to, too! Plus it’s another way I can connect with others…and it’s easy! šŸ™‚

Be the person God wants you to be–all the time.

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