Life is Changing

by | Apr 13, 2013 | This Lefe Family

Wow, I haven’t posted since Tuesday. It’s been a full week…

A full week of work at the Mission, a much needed haircut and highlight (to hide some pesky gray stragglers!) on Wednesday evening, a freezing cold, rainy soccer game at home on Thursday evening, a wonderful date night with my honey last night.

soccer 01

And I’m thankful to be home this morning because of a cancellation in today’s plans.

Life is changing for me. I see that I’m in a different season in my life now. I watch and hear other friends sharing how busy they are with their middle school-aged children, and I’m reminded that was me just a few years ago. It would be nothing for me to be making four trips to school (20 minutes each way) on any given day back then. Ali and Zach would argue over who rode “shotgun.” We’d pray in the car each morning on the way to school. And I’d hear about their day in the car on the way home. Those days are long gone.

Ali is still living at home, but talking of moving out in the fall. She isn’t home much these days. Now since Zach got his driver’s license last month, he’s off and running to soccer practice, Kenzie’s home, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc. He’ll be getting a job most likely this summer and that’ll keep him even busier. I find more and more evenings that Bill and I are home…just the two of us. I see God preparing us for an empty nest.

And I’m okay with that. What once was a difficult thought for me, I’m now looking forward to. I’m not saying that I want our children to be gone, because that’s certainly not the case. But I’m wanting them to become all who God wants them to be, and I want God’s best for them. Living at home forever is not God’s best for them. 🙂 Bill and I began our lives together…just he and I 22 years ago (this week), and the reality is we’ll be returning to that in just a couple of years.

So, I’m cherishing the nights that we are all home together. Tuesday night this week was one of those nights. The fun and conversations we had together was priceless. Laughter and smiles filled our home. And we talked about everything from life, soccer, our futures and heaven. You named it, we probably talked about it. I love those kinds of nights!

And life keeps moving on. Here it’s Saturday already…and soon to be the middle of April. Didn’t April just start? School will be out soon and we’ll move into yet a different season of life. God will be preparing us for that too. We can each look around and we all have so much to be thankful for, don’t we?

An update on Crystal (my friend Tiffany’s 20 year old daughter who is fighting pancreatic cancer)…she had surgery to remove the cancer that was in her pancreas and liver on Tuesday. By the sounds of things, the doctor says she “got it all.” Things are moving in a positive direction for Crystal and I’m so thankful. I’m following Tiffany’s Caring Bridge posts, and praying for them. Tiffany is finding the good in everything. What a testimony God is building in her!

Well, it’s time to move on into the rest of my day. May your Saturday be a beautiful day, no matter where you are or what the weather is outside. God bless you today!

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