A Week of Tweets

by | Jan 21, 2013 | just for fun, me, relationships

I am finding that I’m really enjoying the social media site Twitter.

I only have 16 followers, and am following 50 people. 🙂 I’m learning a lot about myself and also about others that I follow.

Believe it or not, I feel like I’m more involved in the lives of those whom I follow.

I feel I’m more informed than I ever have been, as I am following some news sites like Fox News. (Those who know me well know that I haven’t been the best at knowing what’s going on in the world. Right, brother Pat?)

I receive encouragement throughout the day from some of my favorite authors and preachers.

And I’m seeing a small glimpse into the lives of people whom we might term “famous.”

As I look back over my tweets of the week, I am smiling. Each one has a memory tied to it. 🙂

“Lake Geneva…I can see it in our future this summer!!! :)”

“Couscous for lunch again today! This time with chicken, diced tomatoes & lots of sliced green & black olives.” (With a picture of it!)

“Ali, Zach & Brooks finally making the Cinderella Gingerbread Castle!” (Picture was included.)

I re-tweeted a tweet from Max Lucado, “When you arrive in heaven, I wonder if Christ might say, ‘Because of you, others are here today. Wanna meet ’em?'”

“Ever wanted a ‘do over?’ Yep, me too.” (I added my blog post for that day.)

“Final Season movie night…”

“This girl is having a tough time getting out of bed! Need more sleep!!”

I re-tweeted one of Stacie’s (my sister-in-law) tweet, “Thank you #idol for giving stuttering a voice! #GoLazaro”

I also quoted and re-tweeted a KCRG tweet, “Sunrise today is 7:30 AM, Sunset is 5:04 PM. The length of day is 9h 33m 57s, which is 1m 45s longer than yesterday.”

“There is nothing like life-long friends!”

“Discipline…despite no desire this morning.” (I added a picture of our treadmill.)

“This mamma is pretty proud!” (Included a picture of Zach’s show choir performance yesterday…picture below)

“Grumpy people in line behind us…life is too short to be grumpy!”

It’s fun to look back, too at a snapshot of my week!

On to a new week! I pray your week was a good one! 🙂

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