"Do No Abandon Your Calling"

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Encouragement, God, me

“Do not abandon your calling…”

I’ve read or heard that about four times in two days.

One time was yesterday morning from Beth Moore on Twitter:
“Devastation & discouragement are fraternal twins. One just outruns the other to a finish line of hopelessness, exhaustion and unbelief. Once your discouragement proves persistent, take it to God with the same urgency you’d take devastation. Do not abandon your calling.”

Another time, with different wording, came from Tina this morning in a text:
“Psalm 16:8: He is ever present with me; at all times He goes before me. I will not live in fear or abandon my calling because He stands at my right hand.” (The Voice translation)

Yesterday morning asked the BSF team that I’m a part of to pray that God would confirm my calling. I guess He has!

Life has thrown a bunch of punches at my family, and at me lately. When I read Beth Moore’s tweet, I thought for a moment she was peering into my life and talking directly to me. I have felt so hopeless, so exhausted, and experienced incredible unbelief through the overwhelming oppression of discouragement, namely in the last two weeks. I was ready to throw it all in, and go back to the life I used to live.

But before doing that, I knew I had to make sure that’s what God wanted me to do. And for a brief few hours, I thought God could be moving me, as I became just a little excited about having my days back to myself and my family, and being able to run my own schedule…doing what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. I began to pick my business back up a little more, just in case.

And I waited to hear from God as I read His Word and prayed for Him to show me. And He showed me…”Do not abandon your calling.”

Okay, God. I hear You. I won’t.

My life is not about me. I’ve learned that. My life is about doing what God calls me to do. And when I do that, there’s joy (which really doesn’t make any sort of sense). And when I don’t do that, from experience, I know there’s misery.

So I will continue on this journey. And I will be thankful that God has me where He has me. To continue loving others that many will never try to love. At our BSF leaders’ fellowship yesterday, when I was asked to share something interesting about me, I couldn’t help but share that some of the most incredible people in my life are homeless. It’s an honor to be a part their lives.

Could God be speaking to you too? If you’re questioning your calling, I pray this encourages your heart and gives you direction!

Thanks for sharing this stepping stone along this part of my journey with me!

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