83. Are We Called To Be Comfortable?

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Podcast

Is God calling you into a place that feels uncomfortable? Do you feel His tug on your heart to do something that scares the bajeebies out of you? Well, good news if this is the case, because this is the subject of today’s episode. Even if you don’t feel that tug from God at this point, you likely will in the future, so either way, this episode will encourage your heart for now or when it does happen. We will find some timely help and hope for our lives today in answering the question, “Are we called to be comfortable?” Let’s get right into it.

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For 24 years of my adult life I attended Bible Study Fellowship, and one lesson in particular stands out in my mind. It was years ago, and we were studying the story of Jonah in that particular lesson, and how God called Him to Nineveh. But Jonah didn’t want to go to Nineveh. In fact he didn’t like the Ninevites. So much so, He didn’t want God to show mercy on them and forgive them. So, he ran in the exact opposite direction to Tarshish. And we know what happened at sea on the way to Tarshish. Jonah was swallowed by a whale.

What stands out to me the most in that lesson wasn’t the swallowing of the whale, but what our teaching leader asked us from behind the microphone that day.

“What will you do if God calls you to Nineveh?”

Gulp. God had been placing tiny thoughts on my mind before this day, I knew right then He was calling me to my own Nineveh. Everything in me wanted to run to Tarshish. Everything within me screamed to race the other direction. But deep down, I new better. I knew I didn’t want to follow Jonah’s example of running away from God, and I certainly didn’t want to be swallowed by a whale for three days. That didn’t sound like much fun to me at the time, and still doesn’t today.

I knew God was calling me to step out of what was comfortable, and I knew I had to follow.

Friend, are you? Are you willing to follow to where God is calling you?

The thing is this: we are not called to be comfortable.

God calls us to be uncomfortable.

To obey, to follow Him, to step out in faith with Him. And all three of these actions–obeying, following, stepping out in faith–make us uncomfortable. Or am I the only one?

Click on the player above to listen to the full 13-minute episode.

We look at a few scriptures to encourage our hearts in God’s calling, and we look at why we like to be comfortable. We also remind ourselves where we put our trust if God calls us to be uncomfortable. And that’s in Him.

Stay encouraged, friend!

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  1. Joy Wolfe

    Hi Julie! Thank you for the podcast on “Are we called to be Comfortable?” Over the past year, God has called me to do things out of my comfort zone that I really did not feel I was qualified for or equipped for. I prayed about these things and felt God’s encouragement to go forward and did! I call it my “being stretched” by God assignment! With scripture, I knew that if He called me, He would also equip me and He has. I have a precious Christian friend that is struggling with her “call” by God…not that she refused to fellow His lead but that Satan has worked in the heart of one particular person to make it just as difficult for her as possible. She has been ready to call it quits several times, but God has encouraged her through others and myself to not let this one person hinder what God desires her to do. I am going to share this podcast with her.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Hi Joy! Thank you for sharing your perspective on following God into the uncomfortable. He knows how to grow us and stretch us to be more like His Son, Jesus, doesn’t He?? I will be praying for your friend, and I hope this encourages her to continue to follow God’s lead. God bless you as you keep your eyes on God!


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