82. How To Brighten Your Corner Of The World

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Podcast

God calls us to be lights in this world for Him, and we’re taking a look at how to do that today. So, if you’re ready for a dose of happy and a spurring on to brighten your corner of the world and make a difference in it, I invite you to hang with me here for this next short while. We’ll find hope and encouragement as we journey together!

How to Brighten Your Corner of the World | string of lights hanging from ceiling

In last week’s episode we discussed how the days of winter can feel dark and drab without the sun’s warming light. Maybe it’s been a cloudy, dreary, rainy season where you are, and maybe you’re ready for some sun.

Sure, we are to expect dreary and rainy days every now and then. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could brighten your corner of the world today, no matter if the sun is out or not? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a way to create the warmth, the light, the boost the sun gives? Especially on the cloudy, rainy, dreary days? Well, friend, I believe we can. I believe you and I can shine light into our own corners of the world and also into the lives of others. I believe we can brighten the world right where we are today.

God designed us to shine. For you to brighten your corner of the world and for me to brighten mine.

He designed us to be His vessels of light, to shine His light through us and into this world. A scripture passage in Matthew 5 tells us so. We take a look at that and use it as a model for how to brighten your corner of the world and mine. I share five ways we can do that.

The thing is though, we aren’t called just to brighten our corner of the world just for us, no. We are to shine His light wherever we go, to impact the lives of others, and to shine so God is glorified. God does the illuminating, and we just simply shine. Because He is the light of life.

Our world can use some brightening today, don’t you think?

Click on the player above and listen to the 13-minute episode.

God fills us with His light so we can turn around and shine it wherever we go. I pray we do that today and this week, friend. I encourage you to get creative to find ways brighten your corner of the world, and I’ll do the same over here. You and I can make a difference for good. Let’s do it together. Thank you for being here. Shine bright, friend. God bless you!

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