A New Day

by | May 27, 2010 | Encouragement, God

I am disappointed this morning.

I am sitting in my office, having my first cup of coffee, trying to start my day positively (and to be honest, I’m not doing a very good job of that).

For a very long time I had been looking forward to attending something that was important to me last night, but circumstances forced me to change my plans and not go to what I was so looking forward to. 

I went to bed disappointed, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling even more disappointed, and this morning, when my alarm went off, I feel the same disappointment.

But I’m recognizing today is a new day, and there’s nothing I can do about yesterday.

We will have days that are filled with disappointments…not making the team, not winning the race, not getting the promotion or new job, being hurt by someone’s words or actions, not getting the call or email you expected, not being recognized for your hard work at you job or at home, not getting good news from the doctor that you expected…the list could go on and on.

We could really let life, with all it’s disappointments, get us down.  We could wallow in our disappointments and really let ourselves feel sorry for ourselves.  “Woe is me!”  But I don’t think that kind of attitude serves anyone, let alone God.  Let’s learn what we can from our disappointments, give them to God, forgive where we need to forgive, and decide to move on from them. 

Psalm 118:24 says, “This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  This is a new day.  God made this day.  We should rejoice that we have today and be glad through the day, no matter what may disappoint us. 

I’m ready for a new day…how about you?

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