Sixteen Years Ago…

by | May 25, 2010 | This Lefe Family

Just a few minutes ago, sixteen years ago, our daughter Ali was born.

Tonight as we sat at her school choir concert, after she was done performing and while another choir group was up, my mind began to wander about how I was feeling sixteen years ago…in labor. The epidural worked well, I “pushed” for only fifteen minutes, and it seemed like in no time, she was born into this world.  However, she wasn’t breathing.  The nurses scooped her up, set her on the table to my side and quickly got her air passages cleaned out.  We then heard her cry, and it was the most beautiful sound I think I ever heard!  🙂
I fell in love immediately!  She was perfect!  I remember that night trying to get some sleep while the nurses cared for Ali in the nursery (I don’t think that’s what that room is called, but it’s the only word I can think of right now).  However, I couldn’t sleep.  I walked down to the room where she was near the nurses station, and peeked in on her as she was sleeping in her little bed.  Tears streamed down my face as I couldn’t believe this precious gift was mine!  (I think the nurses must have thought I was losing it!)  I’ll never forget that night.  I took Ali back in the room with me, and she slept with me in my bed that night.  Snuggling with my brand-new baby girl…I still feel that comfort and love now as I recall that night.
Now, this precious gift of mine is 16 years old!  Time has flown…she’s growing up to be a wonderful young woman!  I am so privileged to be her mom, and to be her biggest cheerleader in life.  I know God has big plans for her future, and I can’t wait to see them unfold for her.
I love my Ali-girl!  I thank God for her tonight as I close down my day.  Lord, I ask tonight for you to please bless Ali, and to always keep her safe and in your care.  May she grow up to be a godly woman who serves you all the days of her life.  Thank you for giving such a precious gift to me, and thank you for designing Ali just the way she is!  I love her!

Happy Birthday Ali! 🙂

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  1. Kers

    I have tears after reading your sweet post! There’s something so incredible about those babies God’s blessed us with. Thanks again for sharing her with us on Sunday night!


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