31 Days Celebrating Who You Are

by | Oct 1, 2015 | 31 Days Celebrating Who You Are

We’re off on a journey!31 Days celebrating who you are

A 31-day journey, celebrating who you are. Not by my words, but by God’s. Each day during October. Pure encouragement and inspiration. Stop by daily to be refreshed, renewed and celebrated!

I’m excited we’ll be traveling buddies!


Introduction – Who Do You Say You Are?

Day 1 – Friend, You Matter

Day 2 – Friend, You Are Worthy

Day 3 – Friend, You are Wonderfully Made

Day 4 – Friend, You Are Not Alone

Day 5 – Friend, You Are Loved

Day 6 – Friend, You Are Chosen

Day 7 – Friend, You Are Forgiven

Day 8 – Friend, You Are Redeemed

Day 9 – Friend, You Are Cherished

Day 10 – Friend, You Are Gifted

Day 11 – Friend, You Are Not Who You Used To Be

Day 12 – Friend, You Are Jesus’ Friend

Day 13 – Friend, You Are Strong

Day 14 – Friend, You Are Incomparable

Day 15 – Friend, You Are Adventurous

Day 16 – Friend, You Are Meant To Shine

Day 17 – Friend, You Are Provided For

Day 18 – Friend, You Are Set Apart

Day 19 – Friend, You Are Beautiful

Day 20 – Friend, You Are Blessed

Day 21 – Friend, You Are A Child Of The King

Day 22 – Friend, You Are Validated

Day 23 – Friend, You Are Secure

Day 24 – Friend, You Are The Real Deal

Day 25 – Friend, You Are Victorious

Day 26 – Friend, You Are Brave

Day 27 – Friend, You Are Rescued

Day 28 – Friend, You Are Noticed

Day 29 – Friend, You Are Set Free

Day 30 – Friend, You Are A Citizen Of Heaven

Day 31 – Friend, You Are A Difference Maker

31 Days Celebrating Who You Are – A Recap


And because when I challenge myself, I tend to go all out. So, instead of just taking the #write31days challenge on my personal blog here at julielefebure.com,

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