Love Note To My Lefe’s – September 2015

by | Sep 30, 2015 | This Lefe Family

My monthly love note to my wonderful family:

September 2015 Collage

To Bill, Alissa & Zach,

September flew past us. But hasn’t every month?

Thank you for the great times we shared this month. Life can get busy, yet we continue to make time for each other, and that makes my heart smile.

Camping over Labor Day weekend was a highlight of my summer. All of us sitting around the campfire, making meals over it, eating s’mores, all sleeping nearby in tents. It was all so fun. And floating down the river on Sunday afternoon was a ball. You each made the trip and time together so memorable! I would love to make it an annual tradition! (Hopefully next year it’ll be a little cooler, though!)

Bill, I love you. So much. Thank you for being my support, my rock, my encourager. Thank you for being the man who loves me, puts up with me, and blesses me. Thank you for doing all you do for your family. From fixing cars, hanging curtains, installing faucets, and so much more. You amaze me. I look forward to our next bike ride together!

Alissa, you have so much going for you. So much. God has blessed you with a beautiful life, and has gifted you in so many wonderful ways. Keep using those gifts as He leads you to. You are such a joy in my life… I don’t think you really know how much I enjoy spending time with you. I love it! And I love you. You make me proud, best girl! (We need to get more photos taken of us while we’re together. I’m sorry I didn’t have any for this month’s collage.)

Zach, you are doing so well in school. I couldn’t be prouder. God has big plans ahead for you. Keep seeking Him, reading His Word, and following His lead. You’re on your way to going far! I always enjoy hanging out with you at home. Glad football has returned so we can watch the games again. I love you, Bud! You make me smile!

Losing Peggy has brought to my attention again how fragile life is, and how quickly it can be taken away from us. May we cherish each moment we’re given in the days ahead, and may we use each one wisely and honor God with them all. I pray we continue to make time for each other, even as life gets busier.

I love being your wife and mom. I pray for you daily. Thank you for blessing me in the many ways you do!


Julie & Mom

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