As a young child, there was no place like it. No place I felt more secure.

No matter if I had a tough day, or a broken heart, or just needed reassurance everything was going to be okay in my juvenile life, it was the place I would go. And I could stay as long as I needed to.

That secure place was my daddy’s lap.

I would climb up and snuggle in deep. Dad wasn’t a big man in stature, and didn’t have any extra padding anywhere on his body. But the way he would tuck me in on his right side made it the most comfortable place in the world.

I don’t remember the conversations we had, but I do remember the closeness we shared, and how Dad made me feel. Nothing could touch me there. Nothing could harm me. All scares and cares vanished. I was safe, and life was sweet again.

I would eventually climb back down and be on my way.

As I grew, this routine became more difficult each time. It was a startling moment when I realized I was getting too big for my daddy’s lap. The thought had never occurred to me this day would arrive. But the last time I tried to snuggle in, I couldn’t. My growing frame didn’t fit where it always had.

I believe both Dad and I recognized these priceless daddy/daughter moments were coming to an end. Mom revealed to me after I had become an adult how difficult that was for Dad, knowing his daughter would never sit on his lap again.

And I never did.

We read the headlines. We see the newscasts. There’s wars, shootings, robberies, kidnappings. There’s women and children trafficked, drug rings growing, gangs threatening, Democrats and Republicans fighting. There’s natural disasters, loss of life, friends and family battling cancer. Families are breaking down, churches are falling apart, baby body parts are being sold.

It’s enough to make us want to run and hide, or maybe curl up in a fetal position under our desks.

We feel anything but secure.

I’m guessing there’s something causing insecurity to rise up within your heart today. Something specific that causes twinges of panic, pangs of alarm, moments of dismay.

When these begin to overwhelm, it’s good to be reminded our security isn’t in this world.

Our security lies in the One Who created you and me.

My sheep respond as they hear My voice; I know them intimately, and they follow Me. I give them a life that is unceasing, and death will not have the last word. Nothing or no one can steal them from My hand. John 10:27-28 (Voice)

I can get so consumed with the rubble of what’s going on around me, I sometimes forget… Nothing or no one can steal me from God’s hand.

Do you forget, too?

You are secureThis is true security. Even better-than-my-daddy’s-lap kind of security.

You and I will never outgrow our Father’s lap.

We all know that everyone fathered by God will not make sin a way of life because God protects His children from the evil one, and the evil one can’t touch them. 1 John 5:18 (Voice)

Just as nothing could touch me while on my daddy’s lap, nothing can touch us on God’s lap of protection.

This circumstance you’re walking through today may be unbelievably scary. It would be easy to be consumed with fear, grief, and dread. I know, because I’m there, too. Friend, keep your eyes on God. He’s got you and me in the palm of His hand. We are secure.

He’ll hold us until we’re ready to journey on, and steady us as we go.

He reached down and drew me from the deep, dark hole where I was stranded, mired in the muck and clay. With a gentle hand, He pulled me out to set me down safely on a warm rock; He held me until I was steady enough to continue the journey again. Psalm 40:2 (Voice)

I’d give about anything to climb on my daddy’s lap one more time. But an even better lap is open… my heavenly Father’s. He’s waiting for us to snuggle in and rest in his care.

He’s got us, friend. He’s got us.

Much love to you today,



It’s Day 23 of 31 Days #CelebratingWhoYouAre. I probably needed this post the most today. I’m praying for us all, to rest in His security today and every day. Thank you for journeying with me. You are a blessing! (Linking this post with Susan B. Mead and Deb Wolf.)

31 Days Celebrating Who You Are

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