25 Reasons Why I Love Billy L.

by | Apr 24, 2010 | Bill, God, thankfulness

My husband has a few nicknames…Billy L, Rocketman, Calgon, WD, and probably others that I can’t remember or don’t even know of.

I was thinking yesterday of my life near 1990…Mom and I would walk together around our small town in the evenings, for exercise and to spend time talking with each other.  Mom and I would talk about everything.  I can remember specifically this one evening when we were walking, how I was sharing with Mom that I wanted to fall in love with someone who would love me for ME.  She shared a story with me about a woman we knew in our town who was a devout Christian woman.  When she was single many years prior, she prayed for God to send her a man who would love her and who she could love back.  (I can remember this conversation as if it happened last week!)  This woman soon fell in love with a man who came into her life, he became her husband and they had a wonderful, fulfilling marriage until the day he died.  She was then a widow for many years and never remarried.

I can remember thinking, “That’s it?  That’s all I have to do is pray?”  So I began, probably half-heartedly to ask God to bring in my life a man who would love me and who I could love back.  I asked God to bring into my life the man He wanted me to spend the rest of my life with.

Within a few months, I met Bill Lefebure.  I didn’t think that much of our interraction then (I’ll save that for a different post), but saw him again about six months later on April 20, 1991 (nineteen years ago this week!) and my heart went to mush.  We were engaged three months later and married in August the following year.  We’ll celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary in August!  God answered my prayers!

So, in honor of the day my heart went to mush nineteen years ago when I saw my soon-to-be husband, I thought I’d share 25 reasons why I love my Bill (in no particular order). 🙂

  1. He loves me for who I am.
  2. He allows me to be me.
  3. He puts up with my mood swings and stubborness.
  4. He is a good cook!
  5. He put a cluster of our blooming lilac bush in my car the other day, just to make it smell good when I got in it!
  6. He has a great sense of humor.
  7. He cares about me AND shows it.
  8. He surprises me every now and then with a Starbucks’ gift card to bless me with a “cup of joy.”
  9. We have “date night” together almost every Friday night.
  10. I can tell he loves our farm/pet kitty, and pays attention to it, even though he’s not a pet kind of guy.
  11. He comes into the bathroom to catch up on things as I’m getting ready for my day.
  12. He goes out of his way many times to make my life easier.
  13. He does his own laundry…especially work clothes. 😉
  14. He has gotten a second job when we needed extra money coming in.
  15. He is a man of God, who loves Jesus and strives to live a life pleasing to Him.
  16. He is a tremendous father to Ali and Zach.
  17. He is often tired from working and providing for our family, but rarely complains about it.
  18. He gives me shoulder and back rubs without me asking him to do so first.
  19. He encourages me to serve in the places I do, without ever holding me back.
  20. I love his smile.
  21. I appreciate how he cares for others, and never talks about anyone
  22. He is a “Mr. Fix It!” I don’t know of anything he can’t fix or do!
  23. He has a gentle and kind spirit.
  24. He enjoys spending time with his family.
  25. God designed Bill for me and me for Bill, and I thank God for my wonderful husband today!
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