10 Hours of Sleep

by | Jan 22, 2011 | health, just for fun, schedule

My facebook status this morning read, “After 10 hours (yes, 10 hours!) of sleep last night, I’m finally feeling like myself again! :)” 

Yes, you read that correctly…10 hours of sleep!  I couldn’t believe it when I rolled over to look at the clock and counted that I had been sleeping for 10 hours!  Bill walked in a few minutes later with a fresh-brewed cup of coffee.  What an awesome guy he is!  He takes care of me. 🙂

As the week progressed, I continued to get farther behind in sleep.  I can no longer go on 5-6 hours like I used to.  Now, it’s more like 8 hours of sleep that I need to feel normal.  Every afternoon at the Mission this week, I couldn’t stop yawning.  People would catch me and say things like, “Are you tired?”  “Stop doing that…you’re making me yawn.”  “Are we keeping you up, Julie?”  I would smile and say something like, “I’m just not getting enough sleep at night.”

I knew I was tired yesterday morning, but didn’t realize I really looked like it.  One of the Mission patrons said to me with great concern in his voice, “Wow, you look tired!”  (That always makes you feel great, doesn’t it?) 🙂  I replied, “I am.”  I then heard that same thing from three other people!  (Boy, I must have looked terrible!)

I met my family for dinner last night after leaving the Mission.  Everyone else had plans but me, so I went home, snuggled under a blanket with my BSF lesson and enjoyed every minute of that time studying God’s Word.  I put my Bible down and slept from 8-9pm in the recliner.  I texted Bill I was going to bed, and I headed there.  Why sleep in the recliner when I can be in my comfy bed? 🙂  I didn’t wake up again until 7:30am.

As I’ve worked most of the day in my office, I’m proud to say I’m still in my jammies…and loving it!  I don’t get very many days like this!  I will soon get on the treadmill, and make dinner for my family.  I have appreciated the 10 hours of sleep last night, the way I feel today because of the sleep I got, and the opportunity I have had to refresh myself being at home today!

It’s amazing what 10 hours of sleep can do! 🙂

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