10 Day Give – Days 9 & 10

by | Oct 14, 2009 | Encouragement

I finished my 10 Day Give on Saturday, October 10.

Day 9 was Friday, the 9th. I mailed encouraging cards to two women in my life. The kids and I were leaving town that afternoon after school, so I spent a lot of my day getting all of us packed and ready to go. The drive to Wisconsin was fun…I focused on giving “my all” to Ali and Zach, and helping all of us to have a nice start to the weekend. We had dinner out with another family, and I gave a larger than normal tip to our server.

Day 10 was Saturday. My focus on Saturday was to not let anything negative come out of my mouth. That was more difficult than I thought it was going to be…that was an eye opener! 🙂 Zach had two soccer games, and it was cold outside. I gave Ali the afternoon off to be with friends in the hotel. I surprised the kids with pizza that night for dinner, which was a hit. I paid for and did the dirty soccer uniform laundry for three of our soccer families (including us).

It was a great way to end my 10 Day Give going away for the weekend! I realized a few things: 1) It doesn’t have to be a grandios-type of giving to be meaningful, 2) It doesn’t have to take lots of money to give (I actually focused on doing things that didn’t have to do with money), 3) It was difficult to not let anything negative come out of my mouth on Saturday (I really need to work on that!), and 4) It felt good to give in lots of different ways!
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