Reminder: God is in Control

by | Oct 17, 2009 | family, frustration, God

When I woke this morning at 5am, I was tired, but looking positively to the day that was ahead of me.

I already knew that Zach would be staying home from school, because he began to have a fever last night. Ali got home somewhat late from a volleyball game over an hour away last night, and I knew she was exhaused and struggling to stay healthy. She was to have early morning volleyball practice at 6:15 this morning, which means we would need to leave our home at 5:45. When I woke her up at 5:05am, I gave her the option of staying home today or going to school, dependent on how she felt. After much thinking, she decided to stay home…by the way she sounded this morning, I’m so glad she did.

I went back to bed! I slept until almost 8:30…I couldn’t believe it! I NEVER do that, but I knew I needed the extra sleep. I have felt all week that I have been “running on empty.”

My original plans for this morning were changed as of yesterday, so I had nothing else scheduled. I have to say I enjoyed a relaxing morning at home in my jammies! Zach woke up around 9am and Ali woke up after 9:30. Zach has battled a fever most of the day today, and Ali has fought a sore throat and stuffy head. Both seem better tonight as I write this. We’ll see what happens throughout the night and into tomorrow! 🙂

I had a six month follow up mammogram scheduled for this morning at 11:45. I was nervous for this appointment, because I wasn’t sure what they would find. My last two in March found some “questionable” areas, so the doctor wanted me to come back and get rechecked this month. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked in and was handed a large stemmed pink rose in honor of National Mammography Day, which was today! I had no idea! They gave a rose to every woman who had a mammogram today! I was blessed (to no surprise…one of my Love Languages is gifts!)!

The technician took about ten images. I’m praying for good results in the readings, but above all, for God’s will with them. The technician was the most pleasant person I have ever come in contact with in the medical field! We talked the entire time! I could have carried on a coversation with her all day! She was wonderful! I will be writing a note to thank her for a wonderful experience and for brightening my day.

Running a few errands on the way home, I saw so many vehicle accidents. I began to feel uneasy and just wanted to get home as soon as I could. Glass on pavement, smashed cars, airbags deployed, people looking in shock, police cars and fire trucks…it was too much for me today. I found myself fighting back the tears most of the day after absorbing what I saw.

Bill had some minor surgery later this afternoon at his doctor’s office. Sitting in the waiting room, I began to process through my day, and again I had to fight back the tears…fears of bad results from my mammogram, lives that were changed because of the accidents I saw today, wondering why Bill’s procedure was taking so long, worried about the kids not feeling well at home, other circumstances that happened throughout the day, etc. I tried to think of the good things that happened today…waking up peacefully, having time in my jammies this morning, my pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee, getting extra rest, the pink rose, the nice technician, taking a birthday present to my niece…those thoughts helped a little.

And then the hammer fell…when Bill came out, I realized my phone was blinking “Battery Low.” I knew I would be able to plug it in when I got to the car. As we were walking to the car, I couldn’t find my keys…oh no, this couldn’t be happening! I had locked them in the car AGAIN! Tears began to well up again as I realized this was becoming a nightmare. Bill was in pain, my phone was about to die, the doctor’s office was closing, and my keys were in the ignition locked inside my car. We walked back into the office, I asked for a phone book, called the local locksmith, shaking the entire time. Bill sat down while I waited outside for them to arrive to unlock my car.

I have no idea how much time passed…it seemed like hours, but I know it wasn’t. Sixty dollars later, and with much apologizing on my part to Bill, we were on our way to the pharmacy, then on our way home. Even though Bill was in pain, he never once got mad at me or voiced his frustration with me…and he certainly had every right to!

We arrived home much later than planned, but the kids were doing fine. Bill immediately layed down (bless his heart), I made pizza for dinner, and now both Ali and Zach are under blankets in the recliner and on the couch. We’ve had a relaxing family night here in our warm home after what was an emotional day for me.

I know God’s in control in every area of my life, even when it seems like my life is spinning out of control. He cares about the little everyday things, as well as the big things…in my life and yours. I was reminded of that this week in our BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) lesson of John 2. He seems to send reminders to me at the perfect time. I’m very thankful for that. As I look at that beautiful long stemmed pink rose in the vase on my kitchen table this weekend, I will cling to that very truth…
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