10 Day Give – Day 4

by | Oct 5, 2009 | Encouragement

I am enjoying focusing on giving during my 10 Day Give!

Yesterday was Day 4. My prayer was for God to show me specific ways to give to others yesterday.
At church in the morning, I was asked to give the “welcome,” which is the part of the service where we welcome everyone to church, do announcements, and open the service with prayer. I feel like I gave, using some of the talents God has given me. Pastor Barb asked me to lead the church in prayer for one of the Mission patrons who lost the love of his life this week in death. In doing so, I completely broke down up front…I felt God really softening my heart toward this man who is going through much loss and heartache right now. I was completely touched and humbled. It still brings me to tears to think back to that experience yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon I really focused on being a blessing to my family. Zach had a soccer game, and it was cloudy, windy and chilly. In my winter attire, and wrapped up in blankets, I focused on being as positive as I could with those around me. 🙂 I was cold, and I wanted to complain!

My Grandmother was on my mind most of the day yesterday. So last evening, I sat down and wrote her a two page letter, updating her on our family, and checking to see how she was doing. I also included the kids’ school pictures in the letter, which I know she will enjoy. It felt good to let her know she was on my mind most of the day.

Today is Day 5! I’ll share tomorrow what I did today!
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