10 Day Give – Day 2

by | Oct 3, 2009 | Encouragement

Yesterday was Day 2 of my 10 Day Give. I’m finding myself looking for creative ways to give to people. 🙂

I spent a good part of my day at home yesterday, so as I was crossing things off my “to do” list, instead of just doing them, crossing them off and moving on, I focused on doing them for my family, for my customers, or for the women I work with, depending on what the task was. I focused on how that particular activity or task would bless each person. For example, each time I reloaded the washer with another load of clothing, I thought of how that activity would bless my family with having clean clothes to wear. 🙂

I also reached out by phone yesterday to some women in my life. For some I left a message on their voicemail to encourage them. For the ones I was able to reach, I focused on thanking them for something in particular and and encouraging them in an area in their life. The response was wonderful…I just wanted each of them to feel special and loved.

I had an enjoyable conversation with one of my brothers yesterday on the phone. He always makes me laugh and always brings a smile to my face. I wanted to do that for him, and I think I succeeded in that phone call. He blessed me at the end of our conversation when he said first, “I love you!” (I’m the one that usually says it first.) 🙂

I realize these thing were not grandiose ways of giving, but I believe to the receivers, these things made a difference in their lives yesterday.

On to Day 3! 🙂
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