10 Day Give – Day 1

by | Oct 2, 2009 | Encouragement

Yesterday I began my 10 Day Give (for more info, click on icon to the right). I’m sharing what I did to give, not to “toot my own horn,” but to give ideas on simple things we can do to give to others, and to share the responses of the receivers.

Yesterday I sent a congratulations card to my best friend’s (Tina’s) daughter, Grace who just achieved something great at her school. I’m hoping when she gets it in the mail today that it makes her day! 🙂

I also wrote a love letter to each in my family…Bill, Ali and Zach. I put their love letters in a place where they would find them before going to bed. It felt so great to put on paper why I love them so, how special they are, and what makes them great. It was wonderful to encourage them and lift them up before calling it a day. They each appreciated their notes, especially since it came as a surprise to them. I think they went to bed feeling loved and special. 🙂

Today is Day 2! I will share later in how I gave today! 🙂
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