I’m that mom.

You know her. The one who is the strictest, the meanest, the one who doesn’t allow disrespect from her children.

I believe it’s hereditary, because my mom was the same way.

I vividly remember yelling at her, “I hate you!!,” when I was sixteen. I eventually apologized to her, but I’ve never forgotten it. I imagine she never did either.

That’s one sentence I’m thankful my kids have never yelled at me. I imagine they’ve wanted to a time or two.

20150228_225711But still.

–What mom doesn’t allow curse words, nor words like sucked or stupid, in her home?

–What mom asked to preview “the movie” at school before her kids watched it?

–What mom would read “controversial” school books as her child read them to be aware and available for his questions?

–What mom does not allow t.v.s in her children’s bedrooms?

–What mom meets her kids’ friends’ parents before allowing them to spend the night with those friends?

–What mom either waits up for or has her teenagers wake her up when they arrive home after an evening out with friends?

–And what mom demands for her children to tell the truth, to be home on time, to do weekly chores, and to meet at the dinner table together for a meal each evening?

Yep, I’m that mom.

The meanest and strictest. No doubt about it. Ask my children, and ask their friends. They’ll tell you more than the highlights here.

My husband and I desired to raise our children in a godly manner. With morals, ethics, with love, and yes, with discipline. We wanted to raise the precious children God blessed us with according to His standards, and not the world’s. We did all we could to seek god in our parenting, to pray for our children, and to guide them to Him.

It was no wonder it often appeared we were parenting differently than most (because we were)!

There were numerous times I questioned my motherhood and my mothering skills. More instances than not, I felt like a failure. I wanted to be the perfect mom, but no matter how I tried, I continually messed up.

But there was one thing that kept me going… The truth that I was accountable to God for how I raised my children.

And I still am.

Accountable to GodBeing a parent has been the toughest, and yet the most rewarding calling on my life. And I thank God for every moment.

As my daughter will be turning 21 at the end of the month, and my son will be graduating from high school the day prior, I marvel at how God has grown them to be the young woman and man they are today. Imperfect, yet following God. I’m thankful He’s equipped me in my motherhood. I’m thankful I didn’t give up. Even on the difficult days. Even when I wanted to.

Fellow parent, stay strong in your parenting. Continue to seek God, and point your children to Him. Even if it’s unpopular. Even if you’re the meanest mom or dad. Even if you’re “that mom.” Don’t give up. Your work is worth it. 

I’m cheering you on today, mom and dad.




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