What I learnedAnother week has passed us by. As I look back over it, I am thankful. Thankful for God’s presence in my life, thankful for my friends and family, and thankful for the opportunity to share this life together.

I also learned a few things along the way this week. How about you? What did you learn?

Here’s mine:

Warmer weather puts people in a good mood.

Including me. My goodness, moving from the below-zero temperatures in February to 60-degree weather this week has been a beautiful thing! How could I forget just how wonderful warmer weather feels?? I broke out the capris, the sandals, and treated myself to a pedicure. My spirits were lifted, and my attitude matched the warmth of the sun. (Okay, maybe not quite that warm.) I love spring!! It appeared that everyone else had the same kind of outlook I did. It was refreshing!


Our adult (or almost-adult) children can still bless us in our parenting.

You know those moments when your kids do something that makes you beam with great joy and humble pride?? I had one this week. It was brought to my attention by another mom something incredibly respectful my son did. It happened some time ago, and finding out about it now was a gift to me. It was another confirmation of…

Teach a child how to follow the right way; even when he is old, he will stay on course. Proverbs 22:6

Teach a child editedThe hard days of discipline. The tough teaching moments. The continued modeling, encouraging, praying, and raising him up has all been worth it. And this instance proved again for that to be so. God has a hold of this boy’s heart. I’m grateful.

A note to you moms and dads:  Keep teaching, training, guiding, and praying with and for your children. What you are doing is making a difference!


I no longer take my health for granted.

Two ultrasounds of different areas of my body in two weeks can be somewhat stressful. I was praying for a good report, yet for God’s will. Thankfully, good news came earlier this week that both were “normal.” I was one who used to take my health for granted. I never really gave it much thought until I crossed into the “fun 40’s.” But now, let’s just say I no longer take any working body part for granted anymore. I’m thankful for it all, and am doing what I can to take care of my health.

Sure, I’m finding a few more “smile lines,” more gray strands peaking through my brown locks, this body doesn’t look as nice on the beach as it used to, and my eyesight isn’t 20/20 anymore. But really, no matter what condition our physical body is in, we can still be thankful for it. After all, God knit each one of us together in our mother’s womb and we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

That’s a truth we can all rejoice in today!

We all have much to be thankful for, don’t we?

What did you learn this week? I’d love to read about it below.

Thank you for sharing life with me today. God bless you!



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