Weeds in Flower Beds Part 2

by | Apr 25, 2012 | Faith

Last night after I shared my post about the weeds in our flower beds, it got me thinking about the weeds in our lives. 

We all have them.
Weeds aren’t pretty. They take away the beauty from the flower and from the flower beds. They can choke out the plants that are already there. They can make the other plants weak and frail. And they are a pain to get rid of (believe me, I know from experience)!
In Matthew 13:24-30 Jesus told the parable about the weeds and the wheat. Click on the underlined link to read it. I find it interesting how He shares the enemy planted the weeds. I believe that’s applicable to our lives as well.
My weeds? Weeds of bitterness, unforgiveness, selfishness. More weeds of envy and pride. They are ugly. Oh, and don’t forget the weeds of laziness. That’s an ugly one too. All planted by the enemy. Some are bigger than others. Some have been established longer than others. Some are refusing to be uprooted. On my own I can’t battle them. But with God, I certainly can. He’s the strongest Strong One, and He can handle any puny weed. I give these weeds of mine to Him every day, asking for His help in uprooting them in my life. 
Are there any weeds in your flower bed of life? Let’s do what we can today to begin the process of uprooting them, taking all of them to our Lord and asking Him for His help in their removal. 
Imagine what a beautiful flower bed of life we’ll have after they are gone! 🙂
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