Overwhelming vs Cherishing?

by | Apr 29, 2012 | me, schedule, spring

Recently I’ve talked to a few other moms of high school seniors and most seem to be experiencing the same emotions I am lately…and the number one common emotion, besides feeling over-the-top busy, is the realization that our children have grown up way too fast right before our eyes! Really, how can they be seniors already?

We all seem to be doing our best to cherish every moment. Last week I had periods of feeling overwhelmed, but a good friend of mine sent me an encouraging message on facebook. She helped me put my perspective and attitude back to where it needed to be. (The most amazing thing was, she didn’t even know I was feeling that way! God had put me on her heart.) When moments of overwhelming feelings try to overtake me, I try to soak in every thing I can in the moment (especially with Ali)…and be thankful. This friend lives a distance from me, but she has spoken words of life and encouragement to me, just when I needed them most. God continues to mesh our hearts together after all these years of being friends! (Thanks, Patty! I’m so grateful for you and our friendship!)

I let myself get run down this past week. I am realizing my body can’t function on 6 hours of sleep like it used to. I need to make some changes with my sleep schedule again. But with soccer practice, games, and the things I need to do for work, MK and our home, I find it hard to go to bed earlier and get up later. I’m praying God shows me a solution. Saturday morning (yesterday) I felt so sick and drained. I missed Zach’s soccer games and slept. I wanted to be by Ali’s side all day yesterday as she got ready for her Senior Prom, so after extra rest, I was able to do just that. What a blessing it was to be a part of it all…getting her hair done, me being her “taxi,” doing a little shopping, grabbing lunch together to go, helping her with makeup, helping her with her dress, and taking her to pictures!

Ali prom hair

And today…I’m still feeling exhausted. It has started to rain outside, so my plans of working in the flower beds went out the window. I guess that’s ok though. 🙂  I’ve tried doing some things on my laptop this afternoon, but I’m fearing my faithful laptop is in it’s last days. I’m on Ali’s laptop. I can’t access any of my files or pictures…thank the Lord I’ve backed them up. So this post will be without pictures. My laptop will turn on, but the screen stays black. (I really don’t have the money to purchase a new one this week.) What a bummer.

But I can still be thankful, and I will. Ali graduates in less than a month. Soccer ends in about 20 days. I can choose to feel overwhelmed, or I can choose to cherish every moment. The latter sounds much more fun to me. (And I’ll choose to get more rest too!)

Thanks for coming along with me on this journey called life! Hopefully I’ll be able to post pictures soon! (Oh, and if you think about it, would you pray my computer will come to life again?) 🙂

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