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by | Mar 22, 2012 | family

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The carefree days of Spring Break last week are all but a memory.  It didn’t take long…we have returned to the busyness of life.  My absence here on my blog reflects that.

Those beautiful, relaxing days of spending time with Bill, Ali and Zach, and also spending time with my Lord last week, have more than refreshed my soul.  They have given me what I needed to make the transition to this week a little easier.

Soccer season has officially started.  The days of the four of us sitting down to dinner are gone…at least for now.  I chuckle to myself as I sit here at my computer eating a bowl full of yummy leftovers Bill made the other night.  He’s downstairs on the treadmill.  Ali is at show choir practice, and Zach is at soccer practice.  Bill and I find ourselves at home alone a lot more…a sure sign our kids are getting older!  (I think God is beginning to prepare us for an “empty nest!”)  Practice at 7pm each evening has us running.  I’m thankful our friends, the Gibsons, are carpooling with us!

It’s been non-stop at the Mission this week.  It was good to return and be among my friends there.  I’ll share more on that in my Mission Tuesday post for this week.  I have also transitioned into working out again early in the mornings.  I’ve been doing it for almost a month.  This was no easy task for me, I must admit.  But I find I’m not sluggish and weary at 3pm any longer.  (The days I don’t get up and workout, I am!)  It’s been a good thing to get back in that routine again!!

Bill is doing wonderfully in his focus on becoming a healthier man.  He inspires me.  I couldn’t be any more proud of him.  He is influencing all of us in his example!  Not only am I a proud wife, I’m also a mother who is completely proud of her children.  I watch Ali maturing…almost before my eyes.  She gets to perform in Chicago with her show choir this weekend.  A first for her and a first for the show choir.  She is making great choices for her life and for her future.  She has chosen to be the soccer manager for this season.  I think that’s pretty cool she is choosing to spend her time this spring helping the team, when she could have chosen a million other things to do with her time.  She also babysits every week for some friends of ours.  She loves those kids!  Zach this week has been chosen to train and dress with the varsity soccer team.  I watch as he has accepted this honor humbly as a Freshman.  We as a family continue to discuss handling this great privilege and responsibility in a godly way.  The Lord knows I blew that at Zach’s age.  He has his first preseason scrimmages early next week and his first official game next Saturday.  We’ll be really on the go after that!

I get the gift of going away this weekend on a retreat for BSF to Wisconsin.  There couldn’t be any better timing.  I plan to soak in as much as I possibly can, and I expectantly look to hear from the Lord.  I might just be a different woman when I return! 🙂  I can hardly wait!

So, yes…we have returned to a life a little more busy, and a little more scheduled, but it’s a good and blessed life none the same.  I am thankful and grateful tonight…as I finish my bowl of leftovers and as Bill climbs the steps after conquering his workout.  Life is good here.  Thanks be to God!

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