I don’t care much for that word.

It’s certainly not a compliment to be considered as such, is it??’s definition: not inclined to work or exertion.

Lazy doesn’t seem to fit in the description of the woman of Proverbs 31.

In studying this woman’s life over the past number of weeks, we have seen how she is strong, independent, capable, and cares for her husband, her family and the poor. She is skilled, industrious, and has a reputable character. She runs the entire household, and a business. She wakes early, burns the midnight oil, and isn’t afraid of work.

Just looking at her life makes me a little weary.

Is there anything this woman doesn’t do?

I found one… She doesn’t do lazy.

Proverbs 31: 27 - She directs the activities of her household, and never does she indulge in laziness.

She directs the activities of her household,
and never does she indulge in laziness.
Proverbs 31:27

Do you or I do lazy?

God has blessed me with a very new-to-me part-time job. It’s something that just “fell into my lap.” Really. It’s not something I had considered, nor had ever done before. But it’s exactly what I was looking for… part-time hours, close to home, flexible, a good income, I will be able to remain in BSF, and it won’t interfere with my son’s schedule his last year of high school. It’s going to be great.

But having the last six months at home has spoiled me. I said to my husband last night, “I really don’t want to work.”

He, in his polite way replied with a smile, “Welcome to my world.”

I wanted to eat my words. I apologized to him for allowing them to escape from my mouth.

My husband puts in some extremely long, and not-so-pleasant hours. Oftentimes he works different shifts, and his sleep patterns are completely messed up. Yet, he never complains. Never. He sacrifices for, works hard for, and provides for his family. He does it joyfully and faithfully.

He is not lazy. I shouldn’t be either. And I shouldn’t have complained.

Not that I sit home all day long and do nothing. That is certainly not the case. But for me to voice, “I really don’t want to work,” that’s being lazy.

Instead, I should be praising God for this gift, this opportunity, and for directing me in His will for my life. I should be thankful and eager to walk out this part of my journey with Him.

It’s interesting how God’s speaks just what we need, when we need it, through His Word and through others!

My attitude is adjusted today.

Where are you in all of this? Are you embracing all that God has for you? Are you eager and ready to do all God has called you to do?

Or are you like I was last night… not wanting to work? Not wanting to walk out something in your life? Wanting to just stay in your comfort zone? Maybe wanting to be lazy?

When we do what God calls us to do, and we do it when He calls us to do it, laziness won’t be a word that describes you and me.

That, my friend, honors God. Wishing you a blessed Woman to Woman (W2W) Wednesday!


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