“It’s Just An Empty Cup”

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Love God, personal journey

A person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not have a rich relationship with God. Luke 12:21I was the biggest fool of them all.

I had reached my goals.

I had acquired wealth, fame and prestige.

I was living for the next diamond ring, the next car, the next big check.

Sure, I had God in my life, but my “stuff” was more important.


What followed were some uncomfortable years of God teaching me much about myself, about Him, and about what’s most important in life. He turned my focus off of myself (and my stuff), and on to Him.

My relationship with Him, which was once of least importance, moved to first place.

The stuff, the wealth, the things of this world became less and less important, and as they did, peace began to fill my life.


This reminds me of a scene in the movie Cars by Disney and Pixar. Let me play it for you (it’s 1 minute, 43 seconds long)…

Lighting McQueen (the red car) and I have a lot in common. He once lived for the glory, the fame, the riches life had to offer. He eventually learned all those things were not the most important in life. They were empty, just like winning the Piston Cup.

“It’s just an empty cup.”

It about brings tears to my eyes every time I watch that scene.

I get the “empty cup” meaning. Mine weren’t cups. Mine were diamond rings.

I won’t begin to try to question where you are in all of this. That’s between you and God.

This post is not written to judge anyone, and it certainly isn’t written with any behind-the-scene motives. I’ve written it to share another part of my journey with God.

I pray He uses it as He sees fit.

May each one of us put Him first in our lives. Only then will we be rich.

Thank you for walking alongside of me in this journey!



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  1. Kathryn Shirey

    Oh my goodness, how this speaks to me! I’m living this lesson right now. Mine was the next promotion, next raise. I’ve been in a season where God’s changing my heart, changing my priorities and turning my focus to Him instead. I can say it’s a much better place to be – even when the future feels uncertain!

    • Julie

      I understand, Kathryn. It was one of the toughest times in my life, as God did His transforming work on my heart, but I’m so glad He did it. You’re right, it is a much better place to be. I still have twinges of desires to return back to that life, but they are very short-lived. I’ll be praying for you during this time, my friend. I’m so glad you shared this today! Have a great day!

  2. Kristine

    Oh Julie, there are SO many good moments and messages in that movie. I LOVE the one you related here. This is so true!

    • Julie

      I agree, Kristine. That’s one of my favorite movies! So many messages in it. When I first saw it, I knew this message was for me. I was immediately convicted back then. Thank you for sharing here. Hope you are doing well! Have a great weekend!

  3. Shelly Hendricks (@Renewed_Daily)

    “It’s just an empty cup.” So true of so many things and goals and life focus. Great post!

    Thank you so much for joining our little family at Recommendation Saturday!! <3 Heart Hugs, Shelly

    • Julie

      Hi Shelly! Thank you for hosting the link. I found you today through Twitter. Looks like a great community! Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Deb Wolf

    Hi Julie, I’m a new visitor. I love this post. We watch Cars often with our grandson. I’m also blessed by your blog’s title. It’s my theme on CMB. Loving God and Loving Others really is the only way to true joy. You have a new follower.

    • Julie

      Hi Deb! Welcome! So glad to “meet” you! I love Cars. It’s full of laughter and wisdom, all at the same time. Thank you for your comment and your encouragement. I’ll come over to your place soon to check it out. So happy we crossed paths. God bless you as you love God and love others!


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